Scheduled For Release 2015-12-24
0000112: [Client] Improper server shutdown doesn't disconnect client properly
0000043: [Client] Error after connecting again (ixjf)
0000037: [Client] Replace CRC Checks System
0000087: [Server] Improve server bans code (ixjf)
0000049: [Client] GTA:VC 1.1 crashes after loading screen (ixjf)
0000101: [Synchronization] Vehicle sirens/lights and horns are not synced in Grand Theft Auto III: Multi Theft Auto
0000104: [Server] The socket is not closed when you type 'q' or 'quit' to stop the server (ixjf)
0000105: [Client] Sometimes the ingame scoreboard takes a lot longer than it's supposed to to update (ixjf)
0000106: [Client] Entering a vehicle may crash random players (ixjf)
0000018: [Scripting] Integrate CLuaFunctionRef (Callum)
       0000002: [Scripting] addEventHandler should use a method, not a string (Callum)
0000056: [Client] Integrate anti-cheat system
0000091: [Other] All executables need a digital signature
0000007: [Scripting] Add setVehiclePosition function (Callum)
0000008: [Scripting] attacker and weapon params for onPlayerDamage (Callum)
0000022: [Scripting] onVehicleExplode event (Callum)
0000021: [Scripting] blowVehicle method (Callum)
0000036: [Client] Add HTML Support to out-game MOTD
0000098: [Client] Grand Theft Auto III: Multi Theft Auto's Shoreside Vale SCM gamemode color bug fix needs checking
0000095: [Other] New master server (ixjf)
0000054: [Server] Port functionality from VC 1.0 to III and VC 1.1 (ixjf)
0000033: [Client] Fix nonfunctional memory patches (Towncivilian)
0000097: [Client] Multi Theft Auto 0.5r2 SCM files need to be tweaked to work properly (Towncivilian)
0000045: [Client] Set Internal Server Browser to read from PR server listing (ixjf)
0000108: [Client] Game always crashes at the end of the loading (ixjf)
0000017: [GUI / DirectX] Replace UI with win32 API (ixjf)
       0000051: [Client] Reintegrate client's server list (ixjf)
0000039: [Other] Rewrite chat handling for server and client (ixjf)
0000088: [Other] Vendor files need updating (ixjf)
0000046: [Synchronization] Synchronization completely broken (ixjf)
0000047: [Scripting] Passing a nil value to Lua functions results in a server crash (Callum)
0000052: [Other] MTAClient and MTAServer cannot be debugged (Callum)
0000076: [Server] Data usage stats don't include Remote Admin connections (ixjf)
0000026: [Client] Infinite money bug
0000040: [Server] Update server bans to XML (ixjf)
0000050: [Client] Unable to launch GTA3 (ixjf)
0000048: [Scripting] Player/vehicle Lua functions don't check if they exist (ixjf)
0000004: [Scripting] Add 'setPlayerPosition' Lua function (Callum)
0000009: [Scripting] Add optional player argument to outputChatBox (Callum)
0000041: [Other] Upgrade solution to use Visual Studio 2010 (Callum)
0000035: [Client] "Player Nick In Use" error message when reconnecting after timeout without internet access (Callum)
0000005: [Server] Intergrate XML to server (Stormeus)
0000012: [Scripting] onPlayerChat (Callum)
0000016: [Scripting] Lua resources system (Callum)
0000032: [Server] Sort out Lua (5.1 vs 5.2) (Callum)
0000031: [Client] Out-Game MOTD not displaying after server join (Towncivilian)
0000025: [Client] Remove deprecated GTA3 1.0 support code in GameGTA3 (Towncivilian)
0000001: [Scripting] Add timers to Lua scripting (Callum)
0000027: [Client] Dying in GTA 3 causes client crash (VRocker)
0000029: [Server] Dying in a vehicle causes everybody to crash (VRocker)
0000028: [Client] CRCs are broken in nightly r1 (Callum)
0000023: [Server] Fix compiling MTA Server on Linux (Maccer)
0000024: [Server] Add cURL for MTA Server (Callum)
0000003: [Client] Crash upon joining multiplayer session (Callum)
0000011: [Scripting] Cancelling events (Callum)
0000013: [Scripting] onPlayerMove event (Callum)
0000014: [Client] Linker issue warning on compilation (Callum)
0000010: [Scripting] getPlayerScore method (Callum)
0000020: [Server] Backport Game-Monitor support from MTA:SA
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Scheduled For Release 2016-01-24
Various modifications to the 0.6 core including memory hooking and networking.
0000042: [Server] Support for Macintosh servers
0000030: [Other] Replace structs with classes
0000006: [Server] Integrate SQLite into server
0000015: [Server] Integrate MySQL into server
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Scheduled For Release 2015-06-24
0000059: [Other] Application fails to run when compiled in Debug mode
0000092: [Other] All executables need a digital signature
0000084: [Other] Slap command as Admin+ results in character spam in MTAClient
0000086: [GUI] Connecting application while players are on server cuts off usernames
0000085: [Other] Setting weather through Admin connection results in a crash
0000064: [Other] Application reports wrong map name when connected to a server
0000062: [Other] Adding and removing server bans from Remote Admin is not successful
0000061: [Other] Setting server password from Remote Admin is not successful
0000065: [GUI] Console colors don't always work correctly (ixjf)
0000066: [Other] Rewrite chat handling (ixjf)
0000067: [GUI] Replace UI with win32 API (ixjf)
0000058: [Network] Incorrect password reports wrong error message (SugarD-x)
0000063: [GUI] Application reports the wrong version number (SugarD-x)
0000060: [Other] Application source files need upgrading to Visual Studio 2013 (SugarD-x)
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Scheduled For Release 2015-12-24
0000099: [Bug Tracker] Mantis Bug Tracker experiences occasional SSL certificate error messages (SugarD-x)
0000073: [Server List] Manual server adding for MTA 0.5 and earlier versions should be added (ixjf)
0000109: [Wiki] SITENAME is showing in the upper search box, and is cut off (SugarD-x)
0000110: [Bug Tracker] MantisBT theme has numerous CSS issues (SugarD-x)
0000094: [Wiki] CloudFlare IP addresses display instead of the actual connecting IP addresses (SugarD-x)
0000070: [Forum] Prevent post content from extending beyond post section (SugarD-x)
0000114: [Other] PHP needs updating (SugarD-x)
0000113: [Forum] The forum needs updating (SugarD-x)
0000111: [Wiki] Can't edit or unprotect protected pages as an administrator (SugarD-x)
0000080: [Bug Tracker] The bug tracker needs updating (SugarD-x)
0000102: [Wiki] The wiki needs updating (SugarD-x)
       0000083: [Wiki] A large amount of spam accounts and pages need removal (SugarD-x)
       0000077: [Wiki] Anti-spam modifications need to be installed again (SugarD-x)
0000071: [Forum] CloudFlare IP addresses display instead of the actual connecting IP addresses (SugarD-x)
0000103: [Forum] The forum needs updating (SugarD-x)
       0000069: [Forum] Anti-spam modifications need to be installed again (SugarD-x)
0000078: [Wiki] Mail is not working (SugarD-x)
0000082: [Wiki] The wiki needs updating (SugarD-x)
0000096: [Other] Multi Theft Auto 0.5.1 Nightly Releases Need Renaming To Match Version Numbers (SugarD-x)
0000072: [Server List] The server list needs to be recoded (ixjf)
0000074: [Server List] CloudFlare page rules need to be added to the server list (SugarD-x)
0000081: [Forum] The forum needs updating (SugarD-x)
0000068: [Portal] Portal needs to be installed and activated (SugarD-x)
0000075: [Bug Tracker] Several pages have CSS padding issues (SugarD-x)
0000079: [Portal] Portal links between the forum and the portal itself aren't correct (SugarD-x)
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