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0000022Multi Theft Auto[All Projects] Scriptingpublic2018-01-06 17:29
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Summary0000022: onVehicleExplode event
DescriptiononVehicleExplode event:
params - vehID
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2012-07-03 01:27

administrator   ~0000011

As far as I'm aware, vehicle explosions aren't synced (whereas health is).


2012-07-05 22:35

administrator   ~0000016

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Correct. Vehicles have 8000 health (due to an SCM workaround of GTA's own vehicle explosion system causing crashes back in 0.3ish); at 7249hp they burn, and at 7000 explode (according to code comments). Not sure if setting the vehicle health to 7000 will make it immediately explode.



2018-01-06 17:29

administrator   ~0000103

This would also need to account for players "drowning" while in vehicles. Currently it blows the vehicle up while the player is in it when it hits the water and sinks deep enough.

(The detection and player kill method for this probably needs updating so vehicle explosions during this event are properly detected if this is implemented).

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