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0000030Multi Theft Auto[All Projects] Otherpublic2018-01-06 17:36
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Summary0000030: Replace structs with classes
DescriptionReplace all C structs with classes, in order to modernize coding, and hopefully fix all these crashes. It's a very big job though. Should start with a CPlayer class.
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2012-11-25 12:48

administrator   ~0000027

Doing this will require rewriting a lot of the code, so it can be done for 0.6.


2015-07-21 04:49

developer   ~0000073

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This is such a big change that you might as well stop using SCM completely. Not something I would do. It would only break code. Changes have be made slowly and carefully. It would also be a waste of time to just 'replace structs with classes' - if I was to do that, I would go way beyond, but it's simply not doable.



2018-01-06 17:36

administrator   ~0000106

What is the consensus on this for 0.6? If this requires a rewrite, we may want to save it for 0.7 since 0.6 needs to open-source the code.

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