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0000015Multi Theft AutoServerpublic2018-09-01 20:14
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Summary0000015: Integrate MySQL into server
DescriptionIntegrate MySQL into the server.

MySQL can be integrated into LUA scripting, and can perhaps be used in future as a means of storing the bans and other data.
Additional InformationThis shouldn't be added until after SQLite is added. The reason for integrating SQLite before MySQL, (or any other SQL modules, for that matter), is due to the simplicity of SQLite, and how any server can use it - as some servers may not have access to other forms of SQL databases. MySQL generally requires a separate source for storing the database itself.
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related to 0000006 acknowledged Integrate SQLite into server 




2018-01-06 17:39

administrator   ~0000109

Should this be done as a module, or directly integrated?

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